Meet Anselm and Melvin! 

  Meet Anselm and Melvin-- our head waiter and assistant waiter in the dining room on the cruise.  The first night, we had to switch tables, we weren't supposed to be in their station but I believe that God had us moved so we could meet Anselm and Melvin. That night at dinner, my grandfather was … Continue reading Meet Anselm and Melvin! 

“You Split the Seas”

I listen to an abundance of worship music…I’m a worship leader so it’s some of my favorite music. I’m also a writer and sometimes a certain phrase just stands out to me…and makes an impact. Recently, I started listening to the song, “No Longer Slaves,” by Bethel. The song is recorded by Jonathan David and … Continue reading “You Split the Seas”

Fall bucket list 

  I. Love. Fall. I never used to when I was younger, it was like the season that kept me away from Christmas. But lately, it has quickly became my favorite season of all. I'm a sucker for a scarf, red leaves, and a big cup of hot tea. So I thought I would make a … Continue reading Fall bucket list 

Graduation Vacation: photography 

Hello friends! I am back from an incredible cruise on the Navigator of the seas! It was much needed and I wish I was still on the white sand beach of Jamaica with my family. But of course, all good things must come to an end.  Coming back from vacation is always hard. So to … Continue reading Graduation Vacation: photography