And then tragedy struck

Millions tune in to the news in the morning. Some want info on the weather, some turn it on for the latest news stories, and some just turn it on for noise while they attempt to get ready for work and leave on time. But I guarantee you that no one turns on the news to see a massacre play out on live TV. Today however, that’s what many people had to see. 

I didn’t know the victims. In fact I don’t even live anywhere near them, but my heart aches today. My mind can’t comprehend it. I grieve for the lives that were cut short, too short. 

I’m saddened by how many people go on about their lives like everything is normal…a image of the fact that senseless shootings are occurring more frequently. I want to shout, “did you not hear what happened?? Did you not see the pictures of those lives that were lost??” But maybe I am even more close to this story because of who the victims were. 

Just yesterday, I received my degree in the mail. My degree that would allow me to easily become a broadcast news reporter. I’ve been behind the scenes of live TV shots, I’ve learned how to be a broadcast news journalist, just like these victims. When did a morning news anchor become someone who had to watch their back? 

Every day I come to another realization of how much this world needs Jesus. While part of me wants to shrink away from my possible career and hide, the other part of me is bursting with pride at how much these two victims accomplished and how much they have impacted not only their news family and fans but now people all around the world. 

People are hard on journalists. We’re told all the time that it’s a dying profession. That journalist don’t tell facts but only search for ways to increase audience numbers. That we are one sided and not truthful. You can tell me all you want that journalism as a profession is dying..but it looks like the only thing that’s dying is the innocent journalists themselves. 

What will this mean for journalism? I’m not sure. At the moment I can’t see past the sadness and the grief. While I want to sit and think, this could have easily been me…I’m so thankful it wasn’t. And I know God has a plan for my life just like he had a plan for these victims. 

God be near. We need you more than anything. 

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