Get to know me! 

Hello! I’ve gained some new followers to the blog so I thought it would be fun to share a few random facts about me! Enjoy! 

1. I accepted Christ as a young girl, age 6, and He has impacted and changed my life ever since. 

2. I am in LOVE with Braums grilled chicken salads right now. Don’t as me why, it’s so random, but I love them! 

3. I have always been fascinated with history and major events. I am a big fan of studying the JFK assassination. 

4. I paint, scrapbook, and make cards! I’m pretty crafty! 

5. My favorite color is pink. I’m sure it always will be. 

6. I’m addicted to vintage typewriters. I’m hoping to get a couple to decorate my future house. 

7. I love fancy purses like MK and Kate Spade but other than that I’m not very high fashion. 

8. I’ve technically written 2 books. They aren’t edited fully but they are finished. 

9. My favorite book series is called The O’malley Series by Dee Henderson. It’s about a family who adopted each other when they found each other in a foster home when they were young. They all have extraordinary jobs: hostage negotiator, paramedic, fireman, forensic pathologist, U.S. marshal, etc. It’s a grand mix of suspence, mystery, romance, and great writing. 

10. I love to cook! I’ve always been one that cooks in my family. 

11. I just graduated college, and am looking for a job, but haven’t found one. 

12. I’m the proud granddaughter of a retired OKC fireman. ❤️

13. I am so excited for tonight-it’s finally the finale of PLL where we find out who 🅰 is! Don’t judge me, it’s a great show! 

14. I’ve never went to a public school other than first grade, including college. 

15.  I love love love headbands. I have tons of them (even though I lose a lot of them). I wear ones suitable for my age. But I still love them! 

Thanks for stopping by! What’s a fun random fact about you?? 

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