Life isn’t always fair 

  (My Nana and I)  My family is getting ready to go on vacation! It's a celebration trip for me-since I finally graduated college!  We aren't consistent vacationers. In fact the last big trip we went on was when I graduated high school. We have always been gifted a trip of our choice when we graduate.  … Continue reading Life isn’t always fair 

And then tragedy struck

Millions tune in to the news in the morning. Some want info on the weather, some turn it on for the latest news stories, and some just turn it on for noise while they attempt to get ready for work and leave on time. But I guarantee you that no one turns on the news … Continue reading And then tragedy struck

Loving the least of these: thoughts on Planned Parenthood

I’ve debated about writing this blog post for a while. I knew it could bring up some harsh reactions, but I no longer care. I am called to share the truth and to be a light in this world and if that means I face comments or questions, so be it. I am sure everyone … Continue reading Loving the least of these: thoughts on Planned Parenthood

My Favorite: Worship Songs (at the moment)

As a worship leader, even when I am not leading weekly, I still search out new worship songs {and old ones that I can fall in love with again}. It’s funny how a certain song can seem to say exactly what is on your heart at the time. Worship songs for me are much more … Continue reading My Favorite: Worship Songs (at the moment)