Tulsa Getaway {sister adventure}

Have you ever woke up one day and thought, “I need to get out of here.” Well my sister and I both were having that same thought over spring break, work and school had gotten so much to handle. We normally don’t do anything much for spring break; but once I realized how desperate we both were for a few days away, we headed out to Tulsa!

Now having grown up in Oklahoma, I frequent Tulsa a lot. I have family and friends there so its always a nice place to visit. But for a spur of the moment trip with a limited budget, Tulsa was calling our name. Our goal was to try all new places–shopping, eating, etc. we wanted to go places we had never been before! I thought I would share some of my favorite moments and places we visited on our Tulsa getaway!

We shopped at a little area called Utica Square. It is lovely! The stores range from Pottery Barn and West Elm to Starbucks and Anthropologie. It was a beautiful day to stroll around the square and we had many debates on how to pronounce “Utica.”


As a coffee lover, I am always looking for a great little coffee shop. A friend recommended, Coffee Shop on Cherry Street. It was a delightful little place with amazing coffee, baked goods, and smoothies. My sister and I sat and relaxed for a while and got to enjoy ourselves.

IMG_3632 (2)

As you know, I am a book nerd and fiction writer…so this next place was an incredible find! We found a bagel shop called The Pheonix. It is a shop with yummy bagels and pillars and desks made of books. What more could I ask for. It was such a great unique atmosphere…can’t wait to go there again.


One afternoon we were driving down the road and I saw a painted typewriter on the side of building. Naturally I yelled out for my sister to turn around. hello wonderful photo op.


Overall, the best part of the trip was spending time with my lovely sister. I wouldn’t pack up and head to  Tulsa with just anyone. Here’s to many more trips like this one.



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