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I appreciate a great night sleep, don’t we all? Crawling into bed after a long day is one of the highlights of each day. I am such a fan of unwinding and relaxing at the end of a day. I posted a post early on in my blogging days about my favorite nighhttime essentials but I decided I should finally update them. Today is about my bedtime essentials.

Everyone has their own routine and essentials they use every night as the head to bed. Bedtime essentials are a must in my life and I thought it would be fun to share all the things I need to head to bed. I’ve teamed up with The Sleep Advisor to bring more awareness to good sleep and how to achieve it. For me, my bedtime essentials are what help prepare me for a great night sleep.

There are two types of my bedtime essentials: beauty and comfort.

Bedtime Beauty Essentials

Simple Foaming Cleanser $5.97 //  Lately my skin has been relatively clear and breakout free, so I switched to a simple (no-pun intended) cleanser instead of my oil control and acne help cleanser. I just purchased this and have really enjoyed using it. The foam makes it much easier to use and apply. I love that its great for sensitive skin because I tend to be pretty sensitive. Anyway, this facial cleanser is a perfect start to my unwinding time at night. This washes off my makeup and helps me start to relax.

Olay Complete Cream Jar $7.24 // I switched from the bottle Olay for sensitive to this cream mainly because I love jar moisturizers. They tend to be thicker and creamier. It doesn’t matter what I am using, moisturizer is a must-have bedtime essential. I highly encourage you to moisturize your skin-there are many, many affordable options out there and it is a key for great and healthy skin. If you apple the moisturizer before bed, it then has all night to soak in and do its job.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil $26 //  Now I know that this is a little pricey, but the point is, a lip oil is a very important bedtime essential for me! I tend to have very dry, peeling lips so the lip oil does wonders for me. During the night, just like the moisturizer, it will soak in and really do wonders for your lips all while you sleep. If this is to expensive for you, I totally understand. Ulta Brand, Yes to, and Milani all have non-tinted lip oils that would be perfect for night-time use. Take care of those lips!

Comfort Bedtime Essentials

Now that I have shared my beauty bedtime essentials, it’s time for the comfort! After my face is ready for bed, it’s time to get my body and room ready for the night. I have two non-specific essentials and then some specific essentials to share!

Sheets! // I love a good soft pair of sheets. I’m not picky about thread count, color, fabric, etc I just love good sheets. Clean and comfy is the only requirement for me. Sheets are definitely a must-have bedtime essentials. I usually buy mine from Walmart, Target, or Home Goods.

Good mattress // A good mattress is vital for a good night sleep! No matter if you’re sleeping on your normal bed, a hotel bed, or even an air mattress. The Sleep Advisor gives us some amazing options for great air mattress. I prefer a mattress that is in between hard and soft; and don’t like an overly hard mattress because of my back issues. The Sleep Advisor is here to help us find the best mattress’ out there.

Aura Cacia Pillow Potion Mist $5.91 //I buy the majority of my essential oils, roll-ons, and mists from a local co-op that sells the Aura Cacia brand, but you can also buy it online. This pillow potion mist is heavenly. Two of the most obvious oils are chamomile and lavender. It is natural, relaxing, and not over-powering. I highly suggest a spray, it is so relaxing and easy to use!

Aura Cacia Chill Pill Roll-on $7.99 // If sprays aren’t your thing, this could be for you! This is a calming/relaxing roll on for your temples, wrists, and behind the ears. If you have any anxiety, depression, or sleep problems-this could be incredibly beneficial for you. I’m not sold on their full healing powers, but I do believe they can calm us and prep us for a good night sleep!

What are some of your bedtime essentials?? Are you like me, do you use oils or sprays? Let me know in the comments!

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