Simple Spring Break Ideas

Happy Sunday to you my friends. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are focusing on Jesus, family, and rest today. Speaking of rest, it’s March which for Oklahoma means that Spring Break is this month. Now, I am no longer in school so I technically don’t have a Spring Break…but! that doesn’t mean I can’t do something fun.
Growing up, my family never really did much during Spring Break. We saved our “big vacations” for summer so when Spring Break rolled around we were normally saving up money for a summer vacation and honestly had no real plans for Spring Break. So in light of that, I thought I might share a few simple ideas for those of you who don’t have big Spring Break plans. Everyone deserves a little fun/break from normal life so here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank.

Check out a local art museum! 

I love art, photography, and anything creative; so this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But honestly, everyone could use a little art and culture every once in a while. Here in Oklahoma, I enjoy going to the OKC Museum of Art. Every city has one, look it up and make a day out of it! Most museums are between $0-$18 dollars for entry and often have rotating new exhibits so there’s always something new to see!

Try out a new local coffee shop!

Shopping locally is always a great idea and coffee shops are no different. While I might like Starbucks, I’m a big fan of a chic & quaint little coffee shop as well. There is probably a new coffee shop (or even old favorite) that you could go and spend some time at during Spring Break. Take a magazine or a book, grab a coffee, and relax for a while!

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This is The Coffee House on Cherry Street in Tulsa OK.

Take a day trip or one night trip to a different city in your state!

You might not have money for a whole week vacation, but if you have a little extra money, try going to a different city in your state for a day or even one night. My sister and I did this last year and it was one of the best trips to date! I blogged about it and if you are interested you can read it here. We just packed up and went to Tulsa, OK for two nights and did fun things around the city.


 Start a new book! 

You know me, I’m a total book nerd! I always think anytime is a good to start a new book! But Spring Break is a great time to grab a blanket and start a new (or old favorite) book! Grab a lemonade and get some sun. 

Spend a day at a local museum or zoo!  

Here in Oklahoma, we have a great zoo and a fun science museum; I will never be too old for either. Most of the time, Spring Break weather is perfect for a day at the zoo and if not head to another museum! 


I hope these gave you a few fun ideas for your upcoming Spring Break! What are your plans?? Let me know!  


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